Eleven Grows Up To Be Natalie Portman In SNL Stranger Things Parody

Image: NBC

Eleven’s all grown up in this vision of Stranger Things 3. And there are a lot more “special” people than we thought.

During Natalie Portman’s turn on Saturday Night Live last night, she packed the genre humor in, with her defense of the Star Wars prequels and this parody, which sees her and Will (Mikey Day) hiding out and meeting even more people with special powers and mildly inconvenient side effects. Like Fourteen, who can start fires but will throw up in his mouth a little every time. Or Eighteen, who has a “pretty good Borat impression” that sends her into a two-day coma.


The parody riffs on the most controversial episode of Stranger Things’s second season, where Eleven met and bonded with another subject of the experiments that gave her her name and powers. The SNL skit arguably has a better ending, though. Watch it below.

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