Is the studio behind Twilight trying to have its cake and eat it? Summit is reportedly about to purchase the screenplay for Elevator Men, a movie described by its writer as, well, the anti-Twilight.

The script was written by Marc Haimes, who described it as

a reaction to all of these stories now — TV shows and movies — that play this kind of romantic, fantastical, sexy aspect of getting involved with monsters... This is the dark, sinister version of what really happens when you decide you're going to get close to really bad things. That fantasy element is something I wanted to look at and play the exact opposite: the grim reality of bedding down with a monster.


Haimes knows a lot about bedding down with monsters; he's a former executive at Dreamworks, and one of the people responsible for making Michael Bay's Transformershappen. We're hoping that this movie gets made, and not just because we like good monster movies; we just like the idea of Summit paying some kind of karmic debt off for making Twilight in the first place.

Summit boards 'Elevator' screenplay [Hollywood Reporter]

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