Elektra Is Getting Her Own Solo Series Again

Elektra Cover art by Elizabeth Torque
Elektra Cover art by Elizabeth Torque

Elektra is back! After her most recent series came to a close last year, the assassin is getting another as part of Marvel’s spring roster refresh next year. But although Elektra is making her return to the ongoing comic life, the setting of the book—at least initially—will be a bit different from what you might expect.


Eletkra will be the first comic penned by Chris Owens, who also wrote for the Netflix Luke Cage show, with art from Alec Morgan—and will pick up with Elektra on the run and going into hiding in the decidedly unstealthy city of Las Vegas. How does a ninja operate amid the bright lights of Vegas? We’ll have to wait and see, but according to Owens, her experience in Vegas in the series’ opening issues will see Elektra return to New York—and to the world of Daredevil—more driven than ever:

The events in Vegas and the events that lead her back to New York are directly tied to one another. The harder she fights the pull, the quicker she gets sucked back in. We’re hoping to take her back pissed off and maybe with some new toys.


Which, in Elektra’s life, probably means there’s gonna be a few people on her kill list. Elektra is set to kick off in February of next year.


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Looks inspired by her Netflix costume, which is a really welcome redesign.