Electro-Domination and Backstory Blah On Heroes

So after weeks of draggy plots involving romance with flying boys and time travel to samurai world, we've finally gotten to the Heroes episode that explains what the hell happened at the end of last season when omni-mutant Peter went explodey and then suddenly showed up in fake Ireland with no memory. Show creator Tim Kring recently apologized for how badly the season started off, but he made up for it last night with lots of psycho, lightning-wielding Elle (Kristin Bell, lately of dark sleuth series Veronica Mars). Click through for spoilers!

So it turns out that Peter was kidnapped by Bob, the guy who runs the prison/mental hospital for dangerous heroes where Suresh has been working. There he met Adam, an OG hero who has lived for 400 years and masterminded the destruction of the previous generation of heroes. But the best part about what happened to Peter during his bout of imprisonment was his strange electro-domination relationship with Elle. I love when he says to her, "I thought there was more to you than the whole sadistic lightning thing." WTF, does she need to have more going on than that? I hope there's nothing more to her than that, because I could watch a whole season of Elle's electro-domination and then some.


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