Electricity in Brain Cells Stronger Than Lightning

Using nanotech devices sensitive to voltage, scientists at the University of Michigan have discovered that cancer cells in the human brain have electrical fields that are stronger than those in lightning bolts. (You can see a top view of the nano gadget at left.) [Technology Review]

Freaky storage devices for your embryo and the drug that makes fruit flies gay after the jump.

A company called Anacova has won an award for its new embryo-baking technology, a special stick full of "embryo environments" that gets stuck in a woman's womb for a week or so. Usually when embryos are fertilized for IVF, they live the first few cell divisions of their lives in an incubator. Apparently this lowers the quality of the embryos, so the Anacova device — which exposes embryos to the womb environment — is expected to produce higher-quality proto-humans for harvesting. That means you can add one more person to your outsourced womb list. There's the surrogate who gives you her egg, then the embryo-cooker who gives you her womb for a week or so while your embryo ripens, and then the surrogate who carries the baby to term. [Medgadget]


A new longitudinal study in Canada proves that divorce does not affect parenting skills. [Eurekalert]

A researcher in Chicago figured out that drugs regulating synaptic behavior can make fruit flies gay within hours. Apparently homosexual behavior in fruit flies is biological, but not hardwired. It's extremely unlikely that such a drug would work in humans, since our brains are so different and our sexualities much more complex. Still, a girl can dream, can't she? Christina Ricci, you will be mine! [Science Daily] Image of nanotech device courtesy of Cornell University.

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