Electric Cabinets Of The Unexpected

You can see — and manipulate — the retro-futurist art of Kenn Coplan tonight. Coplan builds weird wooden machines that include exposed gears and Tesla-esque electronics.

You're encouraged to push the buttons and pull the knobs, to make surprising things leap out of the carnival-esque machines. Many of his devices have a twisted sense of humor, including the Junior Executioner Kit. Coplan's also a Hollywood set designer, working on weird indy pics like Leprechaun 6: Back To Tha Hood and the "Z chromosome" sci-fi comedy Zerophilia. His opening reception happens tonight at 6, at the RayKo Photo Center (3rd & Harrison.), and the show runs until Jan. 3. [Images by Kenn Coplan]


Artwork By Kenn Coplan [SF Weekly]

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