Eleanor Lutz's Animated Guide To Breathing

Designer Eleanor Lutz is fast becoming one of our very favorite science-visualization artists. Her latest work provides a mesmerizing look at the weird and wonderful ways that animals breathe. (Did you know, for example, that grasshoppers have no lungs?)


Lutz's last infographic, while visually striking, was more art than science. This time, she's struck a finer balance between the two by basing her animation on published source material.

"This month's infographic is packed with actual science," she writes. "I decided to illustrate how different animals breathe, and I picked three species that I thought were particularly awesome. The topic really lends itself to a short looped GIF so that was an added plus."

You'll want to click expand in the upper left, to embiggen:

[Tabletop Whale]


Celia the Vampire Slaying Vampire

This makes me feel like a kid at the Aquarium or Science Museum. "COOOOOOL!"