El Esqueleto is a Hitler-cloning, dinosaur-riding, space mobster-shooting, grindhouse webcomic

Illustration for article titled emEl Esqueleto/em is a Hitler-cloning, dinosaur-riding, space mobster-shooting, grindhouse webcomic

Some comics use science fiction and fantasy conventions to tell subtle, emotionally complex stories. El Esqueleto: The Skeleton isn't one of them. Instead, this comic picks up its blaster, saddles up atop a T-Rex, and shoots its way through piles of space rogues, legions of Brazilian models with Hitler's face (and brain) grafted to their breasts. And the owner of that blaster: El Esqueleto, the grouchy agent of the Battle Science Bureau.

Matt Haney's webcomic pulls elements from pulps and exploitation films and filters them through a layer of science fiction insanity. The series is based around the titular El Esqueleto, who is not a lovable rogue, but a bitter agent of a futuristic institution concerned with the destiny of the universe. He hates his coworkers (the feeling is mutual), and is never happier than when he's spewing insults or shooting a gun. Fortunately, El Esqueleto goes up against bizarre foes even more detestable than he is. (The most nightmarish are the aforementioned "Girls from Brazil," who carry the future of the Reich in their ample bosoms.)

Haney quickly sets the expectations of El Esqueleto as a goofy action comic. When he brings in Nikola Tesla on dino-back, the tone seems pretty assured. But in Issue 3, Haney takes us inside the Battle Science Bureau, where he really steps up the art and world-building. Yes, his anti-hero is still hurling slurs at any target that presents itself, but it becomes clear that Haney has constructed a universe that El Esqueleto inhabits, with a cast of distinct characters whom we may be spending more time with down the line.


At its heart, though, El Esqueleto just wants to play with chainsaws, split a few sky-ghouls down the middle, and take out the Secret Society of Super-Draculas. It just wants to have weird, funky fun.

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I read as far as "goddamn LSD megashark" so now I'm hooked.