Medical science is finally paying attention to the injury risks of headbanging...only 25 years too late. They did it in the most scientifically rigorous way possible: by studying how many headbanging eighth graders got whiplash after dancing to heavy metal.

Here's the researchers' not-at-all sadistic report:

RESULTS: Of the head bangers, 81.82% of the girls and 16.6% of the boys had resultant cervical spine pain that lasted 1-3 days. Only 26.2% of non-head-banging girls and 0% of non-head-banging boys had cervical spine pain lasting 1-3 days. Of all the 8th-grade participants, 62.16% had pain somewhere. Other types of pain included leg pain, back pain, and headache. Only three adolescents took any medication for their pain. CONCLUSIONS: The head-banger's whiplash is a self-limiting painful disorder. The easy resolution of the pain problem in adolescents is a tribute to the resilience of youth."


[via the great NCBI ROFL]