Today only, grab the complete Battlestar Gallactica Blu-ray set for a price even a frakking toaster could love. [Battlestar Gallactica, $88 (or $73 for DVD)]

No matter what you thought of the finale, surely you can appreciate 16 discs of Warehouse 13 goodness for $90. [Warehouse 13: The Complete Series, $90]

If you don't mind an open box, here's a Chromecast for $25. [Google Chromecast, $25]

It's currently backordered by a few weeks, but $53 is the best price we've ever seen on the complete Farscape box set, so score one while you can. [Farscape: The Complete Series, $53]

Mad Max Trilogy, $30

If you're making a fancy cocktail, the best way to avoid diluting the drink with melted ice is to use a giant ice sphere. With this $9 kit, you can make them at home with ease. [Silicone Ice Ball Maker, $9]

If you still haven't picked up a wake-up light, Amazon has the tried-and-true HF3500 for $60 after clipping the $10 coupon. This thing will change your life. [Philips HF3500 Wake-Up Light, $60 After Coupon]

If you have a DIY slant to your personality, these Kindle ebooks will teach you everything from Arduino to Raspberry Pi programming to 3D printing. Just a few bucks each today. [Kindle Maker Books, $2-3 Each]

I can't say I've heard of the brand, but the price per battery in this deal is insane. [100 AA or AAA Batteries, $18]

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