Zac Efron may flirt with cyborg culture in his new movie 17 Again, but his next project may see him use military mecha all his own as an anti-terrorist mercenary in Full Metal Panic.


According to British movie mag Empire, Efron is considering taking the lead in a US live action remake of the Japanese series of novels (as well as manga and anime) that follows soldier Sousuke Sagara as he's tasked with protecting excitable schoolgirl Kaname Chidori against nefarious forces. I'm not the biggest fan of Efron - really, he was slacking in High School Musical 3, let's be honest - but have to admit that I'd be curious to see if he could pull of the humorless badass who happens to use Arm Slave robots to do his dirty work for him... and to see how cool the Arm Slaves would look on the big screen.

Efron Looks To Full Metal Panic [Empire Online]