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Eerily cool music video features MRI scans of a singing head

Musician Sivu spent two hours inside an MRI machine to film the music video for his song "Better Man Than He." The result is this hypnotic video, which lets us see what literally goes on in Sivu's head as he sings.


Sivu says that the video was inspired by and made with the help of Barts and the London Charity and CLEFT, a charity that researches improving care for children born with cleft palate. The MRI scans were taken at St Bartholomew's Hospital and Sivu left with a clean bill of health.

[via Neatorama]

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Hey guys at io9, sorry for posting off topic but I thought I'd point out that Screwattack (at least I think it was made by Screwattack) posted a 30+ minute Youtube discussion on who's the actual strongest between Goku and Superman, and seeing how you guys have been posting a lot of Superman this last week I thought you might be interested...

By the way, is there a way I can tell you about news you might be interested in? Because I have no idea where to go... And while I'm already asking questions: do you guys have something similar to Kotaku's Off Topic posts? Like where you can just post anything you want to talk about? Cheers