In Inner Mongolia lies the mostly empty planned city of Ordos. The area was built for 1 million residents, but thanks to Ordos' cost of living, almost nobody lives there. Check out sparse photographs of this empty city.

TIme has posted a series of depressing photos of this urban planning debacle, and here's an Al-Jazeera news report from 2009 on Ordos' sheer emptiness.


On a similar note, check out footage from PBS' POV of the opulent New South China Mall. The mall, which is considered the largest mall in the world by certain metrics, was built in 2005 and remains 99% unused since its opening. The mall is largely inaccessible to the local population due to a lack of highways connecting it with urban centers and the fact that consumers must use an automobile or bus to get there.

[Spotted on Neatorama. Top photo via Michael Christopher Brown/Time Magazine. Center photo via David290 at Wikimedia Commons]

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