These sepia-hued photographs look like something out of a dream, but the camera that took them is somewhat nightmarish. Instead of a camera made out of metal and plastic, these photos were taken with a camera made from a human skull.

We've featured Wayne Martin Belger's unusual cameras in the past, including the sacrilegious Third Eye camera, which took these photos. The Third Eye camera has gruesome origins, made from the 150-year-old skull of a 13-year-old girl. Belger drilled a hole in the skull, creating a "third eye" through which light could enter. Appropriately, the resulting photos look like they could be still of fuzzy oracular visions. Looking at them, I can't help but think of the Twilight Zone episode with the prophetic camera, although this camera is far more ominous.

Belger also has NSFW photos taken with Yama, another skull camera, but one which takes photos though the existing eye sockets. I'm rather partial to the photos from his Deer camera, which appear to be shot from the point of view of an antlered buck.

Third Eye Camera [Boy of Blue - Hat tip to Laura]


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