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Eerie Chalkboard Drawings Show Life in Oklahoma Schools 98 Years Ago

Illustration for article titled Eerie Chalkboard Drawings Show Life in Oklahoma Schools 98 Years Ago

Contractors doing construction at Emerson High School in Oklahoma City unearthed chalkboards from 1917, showing classroom life from 98 years ago.


In making way for new white boards, the contractors removed chalkboards only to find another set of chalkboards — with the preserve writing and illustrations — underneath. It looks like the 1917 lessons were covered up during Thanksgiving/Christmas break, since every classroom had a lesson on the Pilgrims in it. And at least one classroom was counting down to Christmas.

Thankfully, the district and the city are working to keep the discovery intact, including the multiplication wheel that Principal Sherry Kishore had “never seen that technique in my life.”


Here are some more of the chalkboards:


[via the Washington Post]

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What gorgeous handwriting. Damn.

At the public middle school I used to work at, we stopped requiring students to practice/write cursive around 2006 or so.