Edward Snowden, the NSA Whistleblower, Explains Why He Did It

In an interview from Hong Kong with journalist Glenn Greenwald, 29-year-old NSA technologist Ed Snowden says that he leaked documents revealing that the NSA was wiretapping millions of innocent US citizens. If you want to understand the future of government, you must watch this video.


Articulate and thoughtful, but obviously scared for his life, Snowden gives a candid interview about why he chose to leak these documents. He also explains why his intentions were not to harm the US government, and points out that he could easily have revealed many secrets that would have harmed covert operations and other NSA projects — but chose not to. He says he knows that his life is in danger, but that he was willing to risk anything to stop "the abuses."


Is Snowden a new kind of geek freedom fighter for the internet age?

You can read more at The Guardian

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This reeks of someone either desperate to be in the spotlight, or someone trying to assuage what he perceives as "guilt" for something likely not even to do with his work. What he's done doesn't uphold any sacred virtue, moral code, or "Liberty." He exposed a critical National Security endeavor upon the world stage, both shaming and damaging the efforts of the Government to protect its citizen and interests from enemies both foreign and, yes, domestic. This argument that it's an invasion of privacy is ludicrous.

This isn't some malicious campaign by some shadowy sect of the government or conspiracy theory Hollywood nonsense, this is men and women trying to keep people safe in an era where some psycho extremist can get their hands on a dirty bomb and drop it in the middle of Time Square or Los Angeles at rush hour.

Do you honestly think the people monitoring cell calls and emails give a crap about what club you're planning to dance at or what you think about such and such celebrity? How crappy your job is? What person (or persons) you're having sex it?

Their looking for one thing pure and simple: Is this person going to harm people. If you're not a terrorist or serial killer you shouldn't care who's looking at your information as long as it's the right people; namely the Government that's trying to keep you from being killed by wack-jobs half a world away. Snowden is a traitor to this nation, pure and simple.

He's no Patriot or symbol for good. To compare him with the men and women who have given their lives in War or who die on the streets of American cities to protect and serve is an great injustice. There are hackers in groups like Anonymous that expose Banks stealing money or other corporate crimes that destroy lives for financial gain. Even those individuals have done people a positive service, even if sometimes they don't see it that way.

Doesn't surprise me he's hiding out in Hong Kong, protected by China's extradition laws. Wouldn't be surprised if they end up going to bat for him. This disgusting debacle benefits them as much as the extremists. I know people look at this and see that something "good" has been done, and I'm not sure what makes me sadder