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Edge of Tomorrow Deserves Serious Respect For Its Practical Effects

We loved Edge of Tomorrow. We love it even more after watching this behind the scenes footage, which reveals the film's extensive use of practical effects.

Plenty of live action missiles and explosions to be had here, with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt performing a ton of their own wire stunts – and in their bulky exoskeletons, no less. I believe mad respect is in order. Add this to the list of ways EoT does SF-action right (and why we were bummed to see it so poorly marketed).



H/t Don!

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Lord Burleigh

I finally saw this just yesterday; it's been a long time since I've found Tom Cruise's acting to be credible, but he was actually quite good in it. The whole thing was one of the most enjoyable science fiction action movies I've seen in a long time—I actually think it's better than Guardians of the Galaxy.