Dammit, we loved Edge of Tomorrow. If you haven't gone to see this movie, get thee to the movie theater. It's just great. And no real surprise here, the concept art is absolutely gorgeous, channeling the gritty Starship Troopers-meets-Band of Brothers feel hard. Plus, MORE ALIENS!

Concept artist Kevin Jenkins has just released a whole slew of really riveting Edge of Tomorrow art, revealing the many potential looks the Mimics had (including one that looked like an upright Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock). Plus, there's a whole lotta really good looking platoon shots in various versions of the mech suits. Here's what Jenkins had to say about his work on this movie (quoted from his website).

I was brought on by Warners Bros at the very early stages of the production. Initially working with Doug and then Oliver when he joined. I led the team that helped concept develop the exosuit which took about six months of work, some of the images had all of the team participating under me due to time constraints . Special mention to Chris and Sam who collaborated on some of the models.

As the suit went into production I then worked with Nick Davis and the VFX crews for nearly a year to work on all things Mimics. Thanks to Ivan who developed some incredible clay sculpts.

Argh, this is very cool. Especially the very last image; it looks like the suits transformed into personal little motorcycle thingies. The soldier just had to kneel down and voila, wheel hands! LIKE A TRANSFORMER. I would have paid good money to see Tom Cruise *brum brum bram* into a motorcycle in Edge of Tomorrow.

And here's your new wallpaper:

[V40ia Film Sketchr]