Edgar Wright Shares a Brief, Spooky Look at Last Night in Soho

From Last Night in Soho.
From Last Night in Soho.
Image: Focus Features

Principal photography has now finished on Last Night in Soho, Edgar Wright’s next film, and while we still know very little about it, we at least have a glimpse at its aesthetics. Yesterday, Wright took to Instagram to share a single glimpse at the film, and it definitely looks alarming.


The single image, a still featuring one of the lead actresses—I can’t actually tell from the makeup if it’s Thomasin McKenzie or Anna Taylor Joy, both of whom are announced to star—features a woman in runny eye makeup, covering her face with wide eyes. Flinching away from something terrifying.


The film has previously been called, by Wright, “psychological horror,” though this image seems more traditionally frightening than the more subtle scares of a lot of films in that genre. Either way, it’ll be exciting to see Wright’s first proper foray into horror, especially after how effective he was at shifting up his normal genre fare in Baby Driver.

Last Night in Soho is set to hit theaters September 25, 2020. 

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So this is not a screenshot from DON’T?