Edgar Wright says The World's End is like a drunken Doctor Who

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright gathered in Comic-Con's Hall H today to talk about their latest film, The World's End, including how it links thematically to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and why Pegg's character is like a drunken Doctor.

"Well, if you've ever watched Doctor Who and thought it would be funnier if the Doctor was really hammered, then this is the movie for you," Wright quipped about The World's End, which opens today in England and on August 23rd in North America. "So why don't we just re-title it Doctor Hooch?" In the video above, Wright and Pegg both talk about the Doctor-ish elements in their film.

The panel, which was moderated by Chris Hardwick, focused on all three parts of the trio's Cornetto trilogy and how it relates to Pegg and Frost's own lives. "I think when we did Shaun of the Dead, we were closer to those two guys," Pegg explained. Speaking to Frost, he added, "You were more like Ed than you are now and I definitely was more like Shaun... I could have been Gary [Pegg's character from The World's End] but I managed not to be."


"We wanted to wrap some things up," Wright said, explaining how the film completes the trio's Cornetto Trilogy with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. "There's this theme of perpetual adolescence — the joys and dangers of it — and this film is kind of about that."

Hardwick asked if they were tempted not to mention anything about the movie's alien twist. "We didn't have any choice," Pegg said. "Films need marketing and unfortunately that requires you to give things away in order to give the audience an idea of what they're going to see. Ideally, any film you go to see, you shouldn't know anything about it. Then you're surprised by every turn and every moment of tension you'll experience as the filmmaker intended. But it's very rare that happens these days."

Pegg says that Gary is the character he's most enjoyed playing so far. "He was a challenge because he isn't immediately likable. He's actually pretty duplicitous and he's a manipulator. He's a fool. It was great fun to play that," said Pegg. "Gary King, I feel like he's a very layered character. There's a lot going on with Gary, and it's probably been my most versatile experience in a movie."

Frost describes his character, Andrew Knightley, as an angry man. "He has an atomic bomb inside of him. Just watching him on screen waiting for him to go off is tremendously — it give me a nice feeling." His character is nicknamed the "Pink Hulk."


They were also asked about creating a drinking game around The World's End. The general agreement is that a World's End drinking game would most certainly kill a person. But the rules are simple: every time one of the characters takes a drink, take a drink.

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I just saw it today ( released to the UK 2 days ago).

You do not see that ending coming.

Its very good, and if you enjoy the other cornetto films, you will like this one.