Eddie Murphy Really Isn't The Riddler, Honest

No sooner has the Sun's reporter claimed that Eddie Murphy really, honestly will star in the sequel to The Dark Knight than someone else has appeared to call shenanigans. That person's name? Eddie Murphy.


A rep for Murphy contacted Access Hollywood to say that the rumor is "not true," which fits with everything else in the world that we know about the movie to date, with the exception of Sun reporter Gordon Smart's claims about the sequel.

Of course, one of the things that we know about the sequel is that Warners are letting Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan take the lead on the movie's plot and casting, and another is that Nolan has admitted that he doesn't have a story in mind yet... which would suggest that any and all casting rumors - like, for example, Eddie Murphy starring as the Riddler - are the work of either optimistic or deluded minds. So can we all stop considering this even an exceptionally unlikely possibility now?

Eddie Murphy & Warner Respond To ‘Dark Knight’ Sequel Rumors [Access Hollywood]

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