Eccleston Shows Us How Supervillainy Is Done, In New G.I. Joe Trailer

The official U.S. trailer for G.I. Joe is online at last, and now we can see Christopher Eccleston's diabolical plan to deflate the Eiffel Tower in sparkling video quality. Plus super suit action!

I'm actually pretty excited for this movie, based on the crazy action sequences and over-the-top acting. What else could you possibly want?


Even bigger HD versions of the trailer are here.

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king chest hair

Somebody explain to me this insane desire to see computer generated humans in action scenes? I understand CGI explosions. I understand CGI robots. I understand CGI planes and CGI spaceships and on occasion CGI aliens. But I do not, and cannot, comprehend enjoying seeing cartoon characters bounce around onscreen doing ridiculously impossible maneuvers that look utterly fake. It takes away all sense of consequence, of danger, and most importantly, of hard work. Where as, thirty years ago, we said, "How'd they do that?" in Raiders of the Lost Ark or Die Hard or Lethal Weapon or what have you, now we say, "Hey, looky there, a cartoon screen-saver, bouncing from corner-to-corner." Boy, I can't wait for the CGI backlash to begin in full.

In sum—this looks like the sequel to Van Helsing.