"Earth's Twin" Discovered In Distant Solar System?

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If life on Earth isn't doing it for you, then there's good news - an alternative may be around the corner. As German scientists announce that theoretical "Super-Earths" - planets 10 times the size of Earth with similar atmospheres - could support life for 35 per cent longer than our home planet, NASA scientists have discovered 55 Cancri f - a planet 45 times the size of Earth in a distant solar system that

spend[s] its entire orbit within what astronomers call the "habitable zone". The zone marks a "Goldilocks" band of space where the heat from a star leaves a planet neither too hot nor too cold to support liquid water, which is believed to be crucial for life.


Is this the next holiday destination, or the home of our future alien overlords? Only time will tell.

Could this be Earth's near twin? [Guardian Science]

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