Earth's oldest living resident will celebrate her birthday this weekend

Maria Lucimar Pereira must be packing some serious longevity genes. Though she certainly doesn't look it, tomorrow the indigenous Amazonian will be celebrating her 121st birthday, making her the new world-record holder for the oldest living person — by a staggering six years.


According to Survival International, the Brazilian government only recently realized the age of the extreme centenarian while performing a review of the country's birth records. For those of you too lazy to do the math, Pereira's birth certificate — which you can view here — dates back all the way to 1890.

According to treehugger's Stephen Messenger:

Pereira credits her long-life to an active, healthy lifestyle, in addition to a diet rich in locally grown meats, fruits, and vegetables gathered in the forests around her home — free of the extra salt, sugar, and preservatives so commonly found in foods around the world. Her all-natural diet, along with frequent walks around town, has allowed Pereira to thrive while others, many years her junior, do not.

Whether Pereira's longevity is the result of a healthy lifestyle, awesome genetics, or some combination of the two, I think we can all agree that Pereira is definitely looking mighty good for her age. Here's wishing Maria a happy 121st!


Survival International via treehugger
Top image via INSS/Survival International

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