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Earth Isn't What We Think In an Upcoming Scifi Prison Movie

Earth isn’t what you think in Prison Earth, a new movie. Image: Wikipedia
Earth isn’t what you think in Prison Earth, a new movie. Image: Wikipedia

I love movies that frame our planet in an unexpected way. That seems to be the idea behind Prison Earth, a film being developed by Creed producer David Winkler and Roger Mincheff, which conceives Earth as a prison that aliens use to house dangerous criminals.


The Wrap broke the news of the film, which is aiming for an on-demand release in 2018. It’ll also be preceded by a graphic novel in 2017 that’ll give some backstory to this idea.

There’s not much more info about the project but the idea itself is incredibly captivating. How does it work? Are humans just alien prisoners? Are the prisoners living among us? How did Earth get chosen? And who would be the hero in this scenario?


I guess we’ll find out in a few years. I just hope everyone involved keeps this in mind. There certainly is some Escape from New York potential here.

[The Wrap]

Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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Brian Burns

What if Earth was used as an execution ground for millions of interstellar insurgents rebelling against an evil space emperor, but the emperor also set up technology to capture the rebels’ souls, forcing them to be endlessly reborn on Earth, unaware of their true nature until a great hero emerges to show them the truth using a highly enlightened sliding payment structure? Maybe we could get Cruise and Travolta to star?