Earth Angry, Sends Sarlaccs to Eat Humanity in Giant Texas Sinkhole

It was only a matter of time. After drilling Mother Earth and exploiting her oil resources for centuries, the planet is retaliating. A sinkhole 260 feet deep and 900 feet long has opened up in Daisetta Texas, swallowing Telephone poles, tractors, and oil drilling equipment. The hole was still growing as of Thursday, threatening to consume a main highway nearby as geologists struggled to figure out the reasons behind its mysterious formation.


Local geologists think drilling activities could've caused the hole, which was still growing as of Thursday, and threatening to consume a main highway nearby. Turns out, Daisetta is sitting on top of a giant salt dome, which is great for trapping oil. But drillers have a tendency to circulate salt water back down the holes the bore, which scientists think might've dissolved the dome and caused the collapse. Here is a photo of a shallower portion of the sinkhole, with barrels floating in it.

That's just a theory, though — how sinkholes form is a bit of a mystery of science. Some people think unusual groundwater percolation can carve out an underground cavern that suddenly collapses. Either that or the angry Earth could've sent giant Sarlacc worm-plants to eat all humans and digest us in excruciating pain over thousands of years.

Source: Associated Press

Non-Sarlacc images via AP.


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