Early Predators reviews come out! Men In Black III puts out call for extras!

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Spoiler detonation! New casting calls shed light on Men In Black III and The Cape. The first Predators reviews are online. George Takei debates robosexual marriage on Futurama. Plus Tron Legacy, Scott Pilgrim, Mad Max, Red Riding Hood and Eureka!



Director Nimrod Antal talks about how he views the titular aliens:

There are a lot of things (the Predators do) that compare to us. They take trophies, which make them materialists. In our film, we explore another facet of the predator universe, and that is predators killing predators. And as human beings, we are really great at killing one another. They also hunt, which taps into our most primordial common denominator.


[Victoria Advocate]

So Ain't It Cool News has a few early reader reviews of this film, and they're pretty mixed. But more importantly, here are the spoilers. As you've gleaned from the trailers, the group of humans stuck on the Predator "game preserve" planet each has their own skills and talents, and they've been chosen because collectively they pose the best challenge for the Predators. The humans have to figure out exactly how their talents can mesh together so they can cooperate, or they'll be wiped out. Each human gets a death that reflects his/her own talents, in a twist on the horror movie staple of the poetic death. The Yakuza kills a Predator with a Samurai sword.

Adrien Brody says at one point, "They're hunting us, that's part of the game. It's time to get off the bench or we die." Brody is a bit of a know-it-all who has an answer for everything. Alice Braga's character delivers a lecture about atrocities in Guatemala in 1987 at one point.

There's not much gore, other than a couple of quick decapitations of Predators. Brody makes it to the film's climax, but the other characters who survive to the end are a surprise. The end feels a bit rushed and full of plot holes — and that's according to one of the positive reviews. More details at the link. [AICN]


Men In Black III:

This movie will be filming Sept. 13 through Dec. 31, in New York, and they're looking for extras right now. They especially want mimes and contortionists who can play aliens (and are comfortable in prosthetic makeup.) They also want people who are shorter than 4'10 or taller than 6'5, also to play aliens (once again in prosthetic makeup.) They also want people who can play late 1960s New Yorkers — hippies, business people, bikers, blue-collar types — and people who have 1960s cars in good condition. [Open Casting Calls]


Tron Legacy:

Olivia Wilde describes her character:

I play Cora. I'm a close confidant of Jeff Bridges' character, Flynn. Close personal confidant. That's about all I can say without ruining it!


Do you think "close personal confidant" is code for something else? Also, she says her character is a strong, independent woman and her story doesn't just revolve around the male characters. [MTV]

Transformers 3:

We've already shown you pics of new love interest Rosie Huntington-Whitley in an Obama apron. What more could you want? Oh, whatever. Here are pics of her in a slinky dress, along with Michael Bay in a gray sweatshirt, and Shia still in his snazzy suit. More pics at the link. [ComingSoon.net]


Also, this film will be shooting in Milwaukee on July 12 and 13, and they're seeking trendy executive types, aged 18 and over, to serve as extras. [Open Casting Calls]

Also, apparently this Milwaukee filming takes place at the Miluwaukee Art Museum, which isn't a museum in the film. Later, after the Chicago filming, the production will return to Milwaukee and film some scenes involving pyrotechnics (no, really?) at the Tower Automotive plant. [TFLAMB]


Mad Max: Fury Road:

A couple minor tidbits of news. Weta will be doing conceptual design, special effects makeup, costumes, and dummies for this film. Which is great news, since they do amazing work. And filming may be delayed until February, now that it's being split into two films instead of one. [Slashfilm]


Sherlock Holmes 2:

The sequel starts filming this fall, but no word on the storyline or whether it'll feature a reveal of Professor Moriarty. [Empire]


James Bond 23:

There are rumors that this project is officially canceled, what with MGM's ongoing financial problems. But really, there's no actual news here. It's on hold, but that could change if someone finds some change in a sofa. [Slashfilm]


Red Riding Hood:

Virginia Madsen will play Amanda Seyfried's mom in this gothic horror take on the classic fairy tale. [ShockTillYouDrop]


Scott Pilgrim:

Here's a totally awesome new poster. [Slashfilm]


We've all heard the arguments for and against robosexual marriage, but now George Takei himself is going to moderate the debate. Check out a clip. [Wired]


<td style='padding:2px 1px 0px 5px;' colspan='2'Preview - No on Infinity


The Walking Dead:

Production designer Greg Melton talks about recreating the comic on TV and says you'll recognize some iconic frames from the comic, reproduced more or less exactly on the screen, including the police station. [AMC TV]


The Cape:

There's a new-ish casting call for a supporting character in this superhero drama, coming to NBC in the fall. Trip, I think, is the son of the main character.

Oliver, age 6-9, A real kid - who becomes Trip's nemesis. He's a bully, a kid whose father is a bad guy and out for The Cape. He's someone who befriends Trip and shows off to him. He's got a tortured, troubled side as well, coming from a messed up home (his mother left), covered by his self-important posturing. We want to find a kid who's dynamic, dimensional and real. To see his heart and the cover he uses to protect himself. Has to be able to access his emotions. Series regular.


[Casting call]


Remember this new Syfy series about a group of people with unusual mental abilities, who tackle cases the CIA, the FBI and the Pentagon have been unable to crack? It's official that David Strathairn will star in the project, playing Dr. Leigh Rosen, the eccentric leader of the Alphas who's willing to bend the rules to get things done. The pilot will be directed by Lost's Jack Bender. [TV Guide]


Warehouse 13:

Next week's episode, co-starring Jewel Staite and Sean Maher, is "a winningly cautionary tale for superhero wannabes, playing to the kid in all of us who never outgrew a fondness for comic books and most especially magical gizmos. It ends with what I can only describe as an atomic pantsing." [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]



In the season opener, Jack and friends get zapped back to 1947, where they're suddenly at Camp Eureka, the town's precursor. Jack says "You gotta be kidding me" a lot, and people comment on how Henry won't stand out because even in 1947 nobody would look twice at an African American mechanic. There is a nod to Terminator lore. And in the second episode, Jack says, "Another day, another runaway robot." [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]


And here are some cool new cast photos. [SpoilerTV]


Our main character, FBI agent Audrey Parker, is kooky, obsessive and likable, and she has a penchant for discovering the supernatural wherever she goes. Her colleagues think she's crazy, and so does she sometimes. And then she stumbles on the eponymous town, where every week we'll meet another person with a supernatural affliction. These people don't have superpowers, they're just afflicted. [Philly.com]


Audrey meets someone whose mood shifts affect the weather, and she realizes she's reached a "haven for God's orphans." The old geezers who run the town newspaper are the main nod to Stephen King's original novella, which is referenced in one headline. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.


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There's nine reviews for Predators on RottenTomatoes, all of which are positive. I think the AICN readers just have sticks up their asses.