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Early Edition Gets Disasterous Makeover In Tomorrow News

Illustration for article titled Early Edition Gets Disasterous Makeover In Tomorrow News

Journalistic integrity is preparing to take another knock with the announcement that Korean movie producer Mirovision is planning to adapt 1980s comic Tomorrow News into a movie. With a plot that includes strange radio transmissions and advance warning of upcoming disasters, it's like Heroes meets White Noise - or perhaps just a big-budget downbeat version of mid-90s TV show Early Edition.The movie version of Tomorrow News is being described as "an action thriller... with strange radio broadcasts which report tomorrow's news beforehand and the catastrophic accidents which follow." We've seen this kind of thing before, of course; the Early Edition and White Noise comparisons are especially apt. But that doesn't mean that we're not expecting good things from this movie - Director Son Tae-woong's 2001 horror movie Anatomy Class won over audiences, and Mirovision is looking to make Tomorrow News into a big deal for the company, courtesy of working with Japanese and European investors to secure enough funding to do it properly. Of course, if you're the type who'd rather watch movies without subtitles, don't worry; if the movie is a success, you can expect an inferior Hollywood remake within a couple of years. Probably starring some of the cast of Gossip Girl or something. Mirovision sells 'Lover' remake rights [Variety]


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