Each Of These Magnicent Cartoons Celebrates A Pioneering Woman Animator

Each day of the Annecy International Festival of Animation opens with a short film made by students at Gobelins School of the Image. This year, each of those very brief and beautiful animated films paid tribute to a woman who had a significant impact on the art of animation.


Adrien Calle, Leïla Courtillon, Martin Hurmane, Nathan Otaño, and Jules Rigolle made their short about Alison de Vere, the animator behind such works as The Black Dog and Psyche and Eros:

Alix Arrault, Jules Durand, Arina Korczynski, Margo Roquelaure, and Ines Scheiber focus on Claire Parker, inventor of the Pinscreen, which here is portrayed with the help of some spiky friends:

Simon Anding, Elena Dupressoir, Lucas Durkheim, Paul Regnier, and Diane Tran-Duc pay tribute to Evelyn Lambart, animator and technical director with the National Film Board of Canada and a frequent collaborator with Norman McLaren:

Hadrien Bonnet, Nicolas Capitaine, Charlène Chesnier, Céline Desoutter, and Samuel Klughertz animate Lotte Reiniger, the silhouette animation pioneer who made The Adventures of Prince Achmed and The Magic Flute:

Michiru Baudet, Cécile Carre, Viviane Guimarães, Fanou Lefebvre, and Léni Marotte show off the wizardry of Mary Blair, the Walt Disney concept artist who made films like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Cinderella all the more memorable:

[via Lines and Colors]

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The gardener in the Mary Blair one is supposed to be Walt, isn’t it?