Does the new scifi horror game Dead Space have a hidden agenda against Scientologists? We've told you all about EA's sci-fi horror game Dead Space - including the tragic romance that led up to its release, and even written about the game being banned in Germany, Japan and China. But now we've started hearing rumors about the game's hidden references to Xenu and the gang.The unlikely charge came from an email we received yesterday:

Just wanted to point out that the new game Dead Space has some elements that weren't advertised. Like: the plot is about space-scientologists that manage to find an alien and convince themselves that it's the god they made up. And then you have to FIGHT the aliens because the space scientoligists wouldn't stop screwing around with them, and got it all into a scary mess. I dislike the church of scientology, Dead Space is a good game, and it's a fun plot I haven't seen anyone mentioning on any gaming or sci fi sites.


As you might expect, this surprised us; we'd seen a lot of the pre-production of the game, as well as the game itself, and we hadn't seen any scientologists in there. So, we asked EA themselves about this take on it, and here's their official response:

Dead Space is a work of science fiction. Any coincidence to real-world people, organizations, or events is unintended.

Short and to the point... And enough to make us wonder exactly what kind of anti-Scientologist programming our original emailer has undergone to see the hand of L. Ron Hubbard where it wasn't in the first place.

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