Dystopian Fashion Comes with Special Signal-Blocking Pocket for Phones

British company The Affair has created a number of science fiction themed fashion lines, but their latest is a masterpiece. The clothing is all modeled on what people wore in George Orwell's 1984, and comes with a shielded phone pocket made from material can effectively pull you off the grid.

Zoltan Csaki designed this line for The Affair, and he was kind enough to send io9 some sample items, including the "party work shirt," "outer party jacket," "party chinos," and (yes!) two of the "unpockets." First we tried on the snazzily low-key shirts, which are soft and durable, with a lot of great little details in the stitching. They are perfect for work or for going out to guzzle some Victory Gin with your comrades.

And then we tested the unpocket with some computer security geeks we happened to have on hand. As advertised, it did indeed "block Cell, WiFi, GPS and RFID signals to ~100 dB." It also blocked NFC signals, which are the short-range signals you use when you tap two phones together to share data. NFC signals are notoriously hard to block — but when we slipped one of our Galaxy S4 phones into the pocket, then put another S4 right on top of the pocketed phone, no signals leaked through. The computer security geeks were so impressed with this result that they immediately claimed one of the work shirts. (I got the outer party jacket.)


Here's the pocket in action (not actual pictures of io9 staffers or security geeks):

Illustration for article titled Dystopian Fashion Comes with Special Signal-Blocking Pocket for Phones

Csaki writes:

Edward Snowden proved that Big Brother is no longer fiction. The government is watching everyone via our smart phones: telescreens beyond Orwell's wildest dreams. It's time to fight back and reclaim privacy with clothing that takes you off the surveillance grid and makes you invisible to Big Brother.

The '1984' stealth fashion collection combines the colours and workwear styling of Orwell's fiction with UnPocket™ stealth technology for the post-Snowden reality.


Want to get your own dystopian outfit, complete with shielded pockets? There's a week left to contribute to The Affair's Kickstarter, which will get you the outfits of your choice!


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