Dynamite Catfight Between Painkiller Jane and Terminator

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While it may not be the Kristanna Loken versus Summer Glau catfight that many fans have been dreaming of, Dynamite Entertainment is offering up the best bad-girl actionfest they can. Yes, it's the crossover between the Painkiller Jane and Terminator 2 comic books. Written by Jane co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti, the four-part "Painkiller Jane Vs. The Terminator" makes up in carnage and call-outs to the first two Terminator movies what it lacks in terms of inventive titles.


Based on an idea that a descendent of indestructible cop Jane is an important part of the human resistance against Skynet in the future, and therefore gets a time-travellin' killin' machine sent after her in the present, that McGuffin of a plot is more than anything an excuse for Palmiotti and artists Lee Moder and Nigel Raynor to create a super-charged, explosion-filled, love letter to the movies that made Arnold Schwarzenegger the man he is today. Not only do we get "Come with me if you want to live," there's also a replay of the "naked Terminator in a bar looking for clothes" scene:

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With the first two issues of the storyline (Painkiller Jane #4 and Terminator 2 #6) are already available - the final two are due in stores this month, with a collection due later this year - now you finally have plot guidance for your favorite Sci-Fi television mash-up masturbatory fantasies that even stands up to re-reading afterwards.

Jimmy Palmiotti on Pairing Up Painkiller Jane with the Terminator [Newsarama.com]

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"Your clothes. Give them to me."

Someone needs to start a LOLinater website.

ur cloths

giv thm 2 me

come wif me if u wantz to liv