Dwight Schrute's Giant Robot Holds The World To Ransom

We knew Reese Witherspoon had a blast being massively blonde as Ginormica in Monsters Versus Aliens. But I hadn't realized how much fun Rainn Wilson was having as the film's alien villain, Gallaxhar, until I saw this new behind-the-scenes feature from Entertainment Tonight.

(Wilson also looks to steal the show as a leather-pants-wearing professor in Transformers 2.) MVA is now the most eagerly anticipated animated film since Wall-E. [ET]


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R.O.A.C.H. Creates ACyclicUniverse

I'm obligated to see this movie by the cast alone (House, Gob, Dwight, Jack Bauer, Colbert and Sweet Home Alabama... well, we'll just pretend she's not there), but the 3D element has me clawing at the walls in anticipation.

Hope it doesn't suck!