DVDs To Give The Fan Who Has Everything

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Nothing makes a better gift for the science-fiction fanatic in your life than some cool-looking DVD box sets that can keep him/her up all night for weeks. Here are some boxsets your loved ones will want to crawl inside.


We focused on big, awesome, brain-eating box sets for this roundup — so, for example, we didn't include too many sets that were just individual seasons of TV series, if we could recommend the series' complete run in one set instead. And similarly, for movies, we tried to find the sets that would make the most impressive gift. But we also have a ton of suggestions for bargain-basement DVD sets that still make awesome gifts, in these trying economic times.

Movies On DVD: The Best New Box Sets And Gift Sets

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Give Your Friends Enough Television To Ruin Them For Real Life

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10 Cheap-Ass DVD Box Sets That Make Good Ironic Stocking Stuffers:

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Matthew Abel

It would be hella-tight to get "Secret Agent" (Danger Man) on DVD along with classic Prisoner. You can pretend it's the same guy.