Ronald D. Moore explained what to expect from the extended DVD cut of the Battlestar Galactica finale. Apparently, the three-hour-plus final episode originally included a series of flashbacks focusing on the start of the relationship between Boomer and Tyrol, including their first kiss. And we saw "the beginning of Helo having his longing for her," and "establishing where that triangle was way back in the beginning."

Also, there'll be a much longer version of the scene where Tyrol says they have to hook Anders into the CIC. Adama is fiercely opposed to this idea, and they have a blazing argument, before Adama finally gives in. Also, even more scenes in that strip club, fleshing out the Saul-Ellen relationship. Here's hoping for a half dozen more moments of Saul doing his Howard Dean "Yaaargh!" noise. [Sci Fi Wire]

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