In the latest episode of Killjoys, One Blood, Dutch gets caught between two mentors, testing her loyalties and putting those around her in danger.

Killjoys had been pretty good about dropping a lot of information about the Quad throughout its run so far, and now, we’re starting to get some answers, or at least a little more background on the character’s pasts: we’re not in a situation where the information is coming out agonizingly slow, like in LOST or similar shows. We’ve had it established that Dutch trained as a sort of assassin, and we’ve seen her former mentor return to torment her a bit over the course of this season.

One Blood picks up right after the last episode, and Khlyen wants to use her for something. Dutch is adamant: she’ll help him out once more, but she won’t kill for him and she wants answers once she helps him out. He asks her to retrieve something from a man in the restaurant, right before he gasses the room with a poison.

Returning to Lucy, she learns that a new warrant has been issued: a competitive Black Warrant (someone needs to go through and figure out a comprehensive list of the warrants issued so far), which puts together a whole bunch of RAC teams to go after the same target: best team wins.

In the meantime, D’avin has the hots for Dutch, and tries to break up with Dr. Simms: he needs a break, he tells her. She tells him that she can help him track down the mysterious doctor from his past, if he’ll give her another shot.


Their target is Big Joe, Joseph Cyano, a former Killjoy who served as a mentor for most of the teams there. He stole a Company ship, and they want to figure out what was on the ship that he stole. Midway through the briefing, Dutch gets a call from Khlyen, who also wants what Joe stole. He implants her with a neural link, and shows her where the ship ended up. He tells her to go after it, and to bring the device that Joe stole back.


Dutch arrives on Leith and locates the ship, but not the device. Khlyen appears and lets her know that the Company is freaking out about the missing device. Locating the ship, she finds an empty case that stored the device. Before she’s too far, she gets shot in the shoulder. Back on Westerly, Dr. Simms drugs a company official and steals his handheld to track down any information on D’avin’s doctor. How she gets the information is pretty funny, and the show is great about this short, humorous parts.

She sets off on her own after Joe, leaving John and D’avin to go after their warrant themselves. They work with Fancy Lee (who tried to kill D’avin in the pilot), and head off to Leith to find Joe. They’re reluctant to work with him, but he’s got a special tool that’ll help them out.

Dutch patches up her arm, and sets off after her assailant, and comes up against Joe - it’s a joyful reunion: Joe was a mentor to her, and they’re happy to see one another. She tells him that she’s not here for him, just what he stole. He tells her that she needs to get out of there, for her own good. RAC uses people up, he tells her, and what he’s got is seriously dangerous. While they wrestled, she pulls out the device she lifted off of him. As she does so, they’re confronted by an armed group, True Liethians.


The group believes that the Company and the RAC are gunning for them to take their land and hand it over to Westerlyns. The Kotler family are a heavily armed group of radicals. They pull the neural link from Dutch, and they get ready to interrogate her and Joe.

Fancy Lee’s Bloodhound track down Dutch to the compound, where they find a number of heavily armed family members. D’avin goes into the room. Lee and John bicker, and Lee tells John that he might be a known asshole to everyone, but that that’s something that the group needs. They take out the guards and watch as more guards converge on the compound. They switch over to lethal firepower and start shooting.


The family members recover the device and hear the shooting. They get ready to use it on their prisoners, and when they set it off, there’s a flash of blinding white light. When everyone looks up, the entire family has been reduced to ash. The device is a weapon, one that appears to target a specific set of genetics - in this instance, the family.

The team returns home with Joe to collect the warrant. The Company official bursts in asking what happened, and they show off the device that they recovered, asking him why the Company has such a device. He pulls aside Turin and they chat - the Company wants to pull him into custody, and Turin isn’t willing to hand him over. Turin comes out and the Killjoys get an alert on their phones and Joe gets a warrant upgrade: a level 5 kill. He begs Dutch to kill him, but when she refuses, Lee takes the shot, reminding them that “The warrant is all.”


Closing out, Khlyen confronts Dutch, and asks where the device is. He slams her into a wall, and she stabs him, although it doesn’t seem to affect him. He tells her that he isn’t a monster: everything he does serves a purpose. He tells her that the came to the quad for her. On the other side of town, the Company official confronts Simms, asking her who the doctor is, and arrests her. John and D’avin confront Dutch and ask her what’s going on: she tells them about Khlyen and how the weapon scared him. She asks John to help her track him down, and when they find him, they’re going to kill him.

This was a Dutch episode, and I’m a little wary of this: she’s an excellent character, to be sure, but the special-assassin-ninja-person-with-a-past-coming-back-to-haunt-them has been done before, and we haven’t seen anything terribly new here. On top of that, it seems like she’s had a LOT packed into her life: two very distinct mentor figures in her life with two very different skill-sets. I’d like to see them dig into that a little more, but I’m guessing we won’t see much more from Joe.

At the end of the day, this was a bit of a low-key episode, but one where a lot of stuff happened. It wasn’t quite as memorable as some of the earlier episodes, but it does feel like things are starting to come to a head. Once we hit the end of the season and can look back, it’ll be interesting to see how well the larger stories are paced as a whole. My feeling is that we’re building to something larger, and it’ll be interesting to see how all of these random pieces fit together.