Dushku: Dollhouse Reshoot Result Of Wardrobe Malfunction

Sure, we all may be worrying about the need for a second attempt at the pilot for Joss Whedon's new Fox show Dollhouse, but series star Eliza Dushku has a perfectly reasonable explanation for why it's necessary that will put all fears to rest. Basically, it's all to do with wardrobe choices.Talking to Zap2It.com from the set of the show, Whedon explained the necessity of a new pilot episode from his point of view:

It was interesting because when I was talking to the network, I could sense some hesitation about what I had given them and I understood why... I hit them with, 'Let's leave this, I'll tweak some of it, which I was gong to do anyway, and let me write what I refer to as a prequel,' because we come into this world with all of these people already. She is already in the Dollhouse. Everyone already knows each other and the relationships are set up. It's not a situation where everyone meets and then meets again in the next episode. That would be strange and bad.


Dushku, however, has a much more understandable reason:

I, for some reason, did not get to wear my leather pants in the first episode, and that was kind of a problem... that was like a deal breaker. We have leather pants for me in the [new pilot].

Good to know that I'm in agreement with Fox on Eliza's dress code at any given opportunity. On the set of 'Dollhouse' with Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku

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