During The Apocalypse, A Man Becomes Addicted To Memories Of His Wife

While a series of megastorms devastates the world, everyone struggles to survive — everyone but Yonatan, the inventor of a device that allows him to relive recorded memories. While others look for safety and shelter, Yonatan is thinking of his next fix — the next time he can experience memories of his wife.


The short film Last of You is by director Dan Sachar, who also made the short When It Will Be Silent.

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when you miss someone so dearly... and know nothing can ever be fixed again... yeah I am that person. I would totally ignore apocalypse while I have the change to escape to the memories with my now-gone one true love.

Because memories are not forever. No matter how much you used someone, over time, especially if you actively revisit those memories... they change. Fucking human brain. In the end, you don't know anymore what was real or happened what way. They fade and ... and in the end you aren't sure about the correct version anymore. And that hurts, it hurts just as much as loosing your loved one, when you realize your memories are not eternal and that after loosing your love, you are now loosing their real self which your stupid brain replaces with a smooth-washed version, and then they are really gone.