Who Killed the Archmage? Was it Tordek in the Dragon's Lair with the Flaming Battle Axe? The Dungeons and Dragons Clue board game is sitting close to its lowest price ever today, an unavoidably good time with the right group of friends that deserves a spot in your board game collection. [Amazon]

If you love the idea of ditching cable in favor of a Mohu Leaf antenna, but don't relish the idea of hanging the thing from your wall, the Mohu Curve can rest behind your TV or on a shelf with the included stand, while offering the same great performance as the Mohu Leaf Ultimate.

Mohu Curve 50 Designer HDTV Antenna | $81

While it might feel weird to buy a Kindle Fire from a store that isn't Amazon, Staples today is taking $60 off the 7" HDX models, and $30 off the 7" Kindle Fire HD.

The Nest Protect took the seemingly mundane and static smoke alarm, and brought the entire product category into the future. The downside; it costs $129. Today at Home Depot though, you can pick up a pair of them for just $199, representing $59 in savings. You get the most out of the Protect when you have several of them scattered around the house, so you'll want to buy at least two regardless.

2x Nest Protect Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarms [Wired] | $199

2x Nest Protect Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarms [Battery] | $199

If you haven't yet tried automating part of your routine shopping with Amazon Subscribe & Save, they're offering 30% off your first subscription, if you're a Prime subscriber. There are over 100 eligible items available, and you can always cancel before the item ships a second time, so this is a great chance to save a few bucks on household goods.

30% off Your First Subscribe & Save Purchase | Prime Customers Only

If you're like me, you've been thinking of picking up a Chromebook as a backup laptop for awhile, but $200-$300 is just a little more than you want to spend. If that's the case for you, then today's the time to strike, with Amazon offering a refurb of one of the best models out there for only $150.


While most Chromebooks utilize underpowered ARM processors, the Acer C720 has been lauded for its best-in-class battery life and speedy performance, powered by an honest-to-goodness Intel chip. It's also the Commerce Team's choice for Best Chromebook and Best Cheap Laptop. Even if Chrome OS doesn't check all of your boxes, this laptop is perfectly capable for word processing, web browsing, and the like, and it costs less than your average monthly cable bill. If a touchscreen and double the storage space is worth $70 to you, you can also pick up the C720P for $220 refurbished.

refurb Acer C720 | $150

refurb Acer C720P | $220









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