Dune Remake Gets A Hotshot New Director

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We thought the epic undertaking of a Dune remake was all but finished, when Hancock director Peter Berg left to go make his alien-focused Battleship film. But the remake lives on, with a new director who might actually be better.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting Paramount has finally found a replacement for Peter Berg. Director Pierre Morel has stepped up to try and tame the great sandworms of Arrakis.


Morel is best year from his work in last year's film Taken, also known as "Liam Neeson Punches Everyone In The Throat." This film was easily one of the top five action films of the year, thanks to its pace, editing, filming and acting. If this is any indication of Morel's work, Dune could be a tight little feature. Plus we're slightly less hesitant about Morel adapting Frank Herbert's work than the guy who made Hancock.

EW also added that this movie is now a "high priority" at Paramount, which means it may actually get made.

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I only remember Taken as being the best film I saw during that week when there were no movies to watch.

The only thing that was good about that movie was watching Liam Nelson essentially pretend he was Steven Seagal.

But good god the acting sucked and the action scenes were a mess that felt like I was watching Greengrass's Bourne movies edited by Michael Bay and through the eyes of Michael J. Fox.

Shame too cause the director also did District 13 which has a lot better action choreography and cinematography that compensated for a delightfully idiotic plot.

I'm not interested in Dune all that much, but I feel bad for anyone who was looking forward to this movie.