Duncan Jones will direct a World of Warcraft movie starring Johnny Depp

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The long awaited World of Warcraft movie is finally moving forward, and with a director that is both exciting and surprising. Duncan Jones of Moon and Source Code fame has snapped up the directing gig. Originally helmed by Sam Raimi, the project was dropped by the Evil Dead director so he could concentrate on his Oz movie. Honestly, we thought this project was long dead, but Jones and Warner Bros. are planning on starting production on the movie adaptation of the role-playing game in 2013!


Jones is a surprising choice, but it makes sense. The director is a rabid gamer, plus now is the time for Jones to prove himself with a big budget production. The trades are reporting that the budget for this movie is more than three times larger than Source Code. We're excited, and hopefully there's enough time for Jones to dust off the old script.

In response to the news, Jones took to twitter,posting, "So the gauntlet was thrown down ages ago: Can you make a proper MOVIE of a video game. Ive always said its possible. Got to DO it now! ;."

But wait, the crazy news doesn't stop there! According to Tracking Boards, the studio allegedly wants Johnny Depp to star in the movie. But let's be honest, I'm sure the studio wants Depp to star in every movie they make, so take that with a giant grain of salt.

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James Whitbrook

Do some digital trickery and I think Depp could do a good Goblin. His Captain Jack-esque shtick could probably work well for an unscrupulous member of the Steamwheedle Cartel.

That said, it's nice to see at least some momentum on this project. And as I said in the Observation Deck, it's interesting that the press release seems to be referring to it as a Warcraft universe movie now, not a World of Warcraft movie - so maybe they'll be looking at the RTSes for inspiration rather than the MMO specifically, in terms of the story beats. I think the story of Arthas' fall and him taking on the mantle of the Lich King in Warcraft III could make for a pretty good movie.