Duncan Jones Wants To Make Two Warcraft Sequels

Speaking at the Legendary booth during San Diego Comic-Con this evening, director Duncan Jones revealed Warcraft is about 10 VFX shots from being complete, he’s confident it’s good, and would love to come back to direct a sequel. Maybe even two.

Jones also unveiled WETA-designed sculptures of several main characters in the Warcraft film, as well as the new Legendary VR experience Warcraft: The Skies of Azeroth, which is available now for Android and iOS.

But that’s not all. Since Warcraft is almost done, but won’t be released until June 2016, Jones said he hopes he can get away from the world of Warcraft for a few months to squeeze in his passion project, the sci-fi film Mute. It’s a Blade Runner-esque movie he’s been trying to get made for years. Once he’s finished that, the Warcraft movie will be out and he’ll turn his attention to a sequel. He and the Blizzard crew have reportedly talked about the stories for two more movies.


We’ll have more on Warcraft as the weekend wears on, including more from the booth and of course the Hall H panel on Saturday that is almost certain to reveal a trailer.

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Is it just me or is 12 months a long time to be done a movie in advance? The only thing I can think of is they scheduled a bunch of extra time for pick ups if the first pass at the movie has problems but never ended up needing them. Or production delays or something.

Also! I didn’t know he was David Bowie’s son so that’s neat.