Illustration for article titled Duncan Jones teases a Moon toy line, including a Sam Bell Action Figure (with removable teeth)

It's a damn shame that there aren't enough official t-shirts and posters from Duncan Jones' amazing space drama Moon. And the director is hoping to rectify that, by polling the public on whether they'd buy more Moon merchandise.


What would you like to see from Jones and company? Sure there's the standard Moon poster and Moon T-Shirt. But what about a Sam Bell Action Figure (with removable teeth?) A Model Moon Rover? Or Lunar Industries Cloth Patches, Sealed Bag Of Beans, GERTY Desk Toy, and a Lunar Industries Beenie Hat? Yes, please, to all of it. Head over to Man Made Movies and cast your vote for Moon merch!

For more images of the completely unrelated but brilliant Moon inspired cartoon Sam And Gerty's Lunar Funtime Club House, head over here.


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