Duncan Jones Is Fighting To Film His Passion Project, Mute

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Mute is one of those passion films that directors want to make. Duncan Jones has been talking about it ever since his fantastic film Moon came out, and it looks like he’s still fighting to make it happen.


In a tweet yesterday, he indicated that he’s still working on it, and that there’s been some progress: it all comes down to what people have scheduled.


We learned earlier this year that Jones, while he’s waiting for Warcraft to come out, was hoping to get the project underway.

Mute is about a mute bartender who gets caught up in the Berlin underworld when his female partner goes missing. It’s supposedly connected to the world in which Moon is set, which makes us hope that we’ll see Sam Rockwell’s Sam Bell make a cameo.


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It would be interesting to see how Earth is from that universe considering all the shenanigans that went on at the Moon. Sounds like it might have a gritty Bladerunner feel to it.