Duncan Jones enlists the aid of Weta for his final scifi film

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After rocking our worlds with Moon and thrilling us with Source Code, is director Duncan Jones leaving science fiction? It certainly sounds like it, but not before one last effort.

In interview with This Is Fake DIY, Jones revealed that he and his producer had recently made a trip to New Zealand to visit the folks at Weta. Jones is quite keen on teaming up with Weta, possibly for his final scifi film. He wasn't quite ready to share the premise or any other clues, but he did have this to say about the project he has in mind:

"I can say that it is a science fiction film, and potentially... I'll take a break from sci-fi after this film. Moon was done at a tiny budget and we really squeezed everything we could out of it. Source Code was a chance to work on a bigger budget with name actors, but on a project that wasn't my own. Hopefully, this third film will be the kind of sci-fi I want to make, on a budget where I can afford to do it as I see it in my head. After that, I'll change genres."


Seeing as Jones has already done dark space dramas and somewhat campier high-concept action flicks, we're wondering what "his kind" of science fiction is. Frankly, after the so-so response to Source Code we're betting he heads back into the stars, where he got his first bit of buzz. But we'll have to wait and see.

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Veras Gunn

Wasn't Jones' third film going to be a follow up to Moon? Sort of Blade Runnerish, takes place in the same universe as Moon, but not a direct sequel sort of thing? Kind of hope that's what this is. Might be nice to see where that continuity goes.