Dude, the Drugs on This Planet Are Like . . . Whoa

We've got to do something about this whole "phantom planet thing," or so says a general in the marvelously-titled The Phantom Planet. Made in 1961, immortalized by Mystery Science Theater 3000 and a cheesy band, the flick is filled with drugged-out scenes on a distant planetoid. This is a true classic of proto-psychedelic scifi. After crash-landing on the aforementioned phantom planet, our hero passes out, trips, meets some teeny guys in space scrubs, and gets small, man! Plus there's crazy music! Whoa.

But I couldn't leave you with just that, because you cannot fully grasp the wonder of this movie without a more complete view of Captain Frank's amazing crotchular space outfit. What the hell? Eventually, Frank falls for a tiny local and has to fight a weird monster. On a scale of one to awesome, it's super awesome. [Phantom Planet]


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