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You may think it'd be difficult to cook in orbit, but apparently the key is all in the preparation. For example, have you picked up supplies from the local hardware store before launch?


According to astronaut Sandra Magnus, zero-g cooking is all about the tools:

You know, the trick is duct tape and zip lock bags for everything. You can do anything with that... [Cooking is] something I enjoy on the ground and so I planned ahead a little bit to supplement the raw ingredients.


Amongst the food Magnus prepared during her four month stay on the International Space Station were holiday cookies and a special "space salsa" for Superbowl viewing. NASA shuttle food system manager Michele Perchonok is impressed by what she managed to create:

Sandy was extremely inventive in what she did... it took a lot of time to do it.

Now that Magnus is returning to Earth, I think it's time to up the ante a bit. Why not make the ISS the setting for the next season of Top Chef? After all, where else could they go after New York?

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