This summer's Iron Man movie has two new posters out... and they both look like 80s movie novelization covers. Isn't just a closeup of Iron Man's mask all the marketing department would need to suck you into this thing? Will someone be strolling past one of these somewhere and go "Oh look! A movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow! I'll be sure to see this!" If that's the case, then we fear for the future of humankind. Check out poster number two, after the jump.


Would it have killed them to comic-book this thing up a bit? It's just a big creepy having all those heads lined up in a row like a strange Three Stooges remake, plus it's eerily reminiscent of this godawful Return of the Jedi poster. Too many heads just make a poster look odd.
New IRON MAN poster! Man in Suit! Man in Suit! Wait, wrong franchise... [Ain't It Cool]