Drunken elk trapped in an apple tree in Sweden

From equine marijuana farmers to drunk elks caught in apple trees — yes, it's that kind of weekend.


Several days ago, Per Johansson of Saro, Sweden discovered a besotted elk in his neighbor's apple tree. The elk was ensared by its zeal for fermented apples, and emergency services chopped off tree limbs to extricate the loopy beast. You can listen to Johansson's testimony of this world-shattering event above.

Notes the Beeb, "It is not unusual to see elk, or moose as they are known in North America, drunk in Sweden during autumn, when there are plenty of apples about." Also, here are several more animals who share the elks' predilection for getting tore up.


[Via ITN]

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Sci-fi? So is i09 just gonna blog about anything now? Every other blog has this stupid moose on it. I come here for specific content.