Drunk Ron Weasley Wishes Harry Potter A Happy 35th Birthday

Simon Pegg, in his finest role thus far, stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show as a rather distraught Ron Weasley to wish Harry Potter a happy birthday. Clearly, the post-Hogwarts years for Weasley haven’t treated him all that well.



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Mortal Dictata

Never understood why the US is obsessed with ‘late night’ talkshows, at least from a UK perspective. Very few of them seem to be actually funny and instead say a mixture of ‘meh’ one-liners and having someone come on to promote something. Also why do they always seem to have some ‘sideguy’ whose only job is to just laugh at everything the host says? it just seems weird.

The closest we have here in the UK is the Graham Norton Show which is more based around chatting with a group of guests rather than just one at a time and cuts out most of the joking around bar an opening skit.